Helios - Cabinet


Type : lighting of 80W LED


Type : Monitor system


Type : lighting of 80W LED + Monitor system


Different from solar energy storage system, the solar energy storage cabinet is smaller with the thoughtful box design, and it increases the storage space.

Equipped with 110v power plug, mobile phones, tablet PC, could be charged anytime, with no boredom.

It is applicable to any small events, without worrying about the power failure.

With the original lighting, security and other functions, a protective net is added to make our life safer and more environmentally friendly.

Size-Operation 305(L) * 194(W) * 440(H) cm
120" x 77" x 174"
Size-Rest 1940(L) * 990(W) * 2130(H) cm
77" x 39" x 84"